Authorised Person Provision

Authorised Person Provision

We provide Authorised Persons to clients where there is a requirement for switching, isolations & earthing.

This could be long-term deployment on major construction projects through to a day basis. All is dependent on client’s requirements.

Specialist independent training providers specifically train all of our Authorised Persons. They are also at regular intervals re-assessed. All are certificated.

System Management Provision

If you have a HV system, it is a legal requirement that you have a suitably experienced Authorised Person responsible for it.

As HV systems rarely get operated, practice switching on a frequent basis isn’t always available because of site operational restrictions or reluctance on behalf of the individual responsible. By entering in contract with Matrix Power, we can become your delegated responsible company to operate your HV system to enable your organisation to meet its legal obligations

Contact us now to discuss how this would work on your site.

Safety Rules & Procedure Compilation

Responsible companies with electrical distribution systems usually have a set of Electrical Safety Rules in house. These may cover HV or LV or both.

Site Operational Procedures are another facet of good practice, particularly where you have a construction site or major project, being brought on line in stages. Procedures expand the detail on operation of the systems as they get built handed over in staged basis as opposed to Rules.

We write both Electrical Safety Rules and Site Operational Procedures for clients, all of which are tailor made for the site. No two documents are the same.

We can also create your Permit to Work, Limitation of Access and if required, Sanction for Test documents to integrate and be used with your Electrical Rules.

Please feel free to discuss your needs with us to assist in your compliance.

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