Cabling & Cable Jointing & Civil Works

Our services provision includes;

  • Cable & Cable Containment Installation
  • Cable Jointing & Termination
  • Cable Fault Location
  • Cable Trenching
  • Sub-station Builds
  • Transformer & Switchgear Compounds Including Bases

Cable Installation & Cable Containment

We provide a complete in-house service to our clients and as such to compliment our other services, we carry out cable installations for power distribution systems from voltages 415v through to 11kv & 33kv.

We also design and install cabling containment & support systems (ladder-rack, channel & cable trees) to ensure a quality installation.

Cable Jointing

If you install cables, then you need the joints & terminations doing. We provide the in-house resource to carry out all aspects of cable jointing & termination on all power cable sizes on voltages ranging from 415v through to 11kv & 33kv. We also carry out cable DC pressure testing on HV cables.

Cable Fault Location

Unfortunately cable faults do occur which can be quite difficult to locate. We can carry out cable fault location to quickly locate the problem, thus reducing down time to the client.

Cable Trenching, Sub-station Builds, Compounds & Bases

As part of our integrated service offering, we carry out our own civil works be it cable trenches, building switchgear and transformer compounds & bases, even brick built sub-stations. We feel that as its part of the complete spectrum, it needs to be something we offer as a business to clients.

We’ve successfully designed and built several sub-stations to date, taking the headache away from the client on managing and planning such installations.

Other Services