Switchgear Protection Upgrades

Our services provision includes; 

  • Switchgear circuit breaker retrofits (HV & LV)
  • Protection retrofits


Our capabilities;

A client, for whatever reason, may not wish to replace an entire switchboard.

This may be due to capital constraints, restrictive outage timescales or a change of duty for a circuit.

Why replace a perfectly good switchboard when you can retrofit the circuit breakers and \ or protection systems?

We specialise in carrying out retrofits to existing installations, providing clients with cost saving advice and best practice solutions.

We only install approved retro-fit circuit breakers for use with the switchgear they were designed and built for.

If you believe this may be worth considering why not contact us and we will carry out a free survey.

When time and money is an issue, then retrofits may be your answer.

Circuit breakers, protection relays and CT’s can all be installed to bring a suitable older switchboard into the 21st Century.

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